Past Life Certification



“The training was professional and effective. It was a significant and relevant learning experience."

- Erin Halliday

"Dr. Carbone, you are God-sent for your expertise in your field of hypnotherapy and past life regression therapy. I would heartily recommend this course to others."

- Heidi Malone

"Besides giving me the tools to work with my clients, I also learned a great deal about myself!"

- Dorothy Dawson

"Thank you so much! Having this information to study and review in my own home has been wonderful."

- Noreen Anderson


Past Life Therapist Certification Training Program

Past Life Therapy has always been a controversial aspect of hypnotherapy.  However, those who have successfully used it know it to be a powerful tool for affecting change in a client.

You will learn step-by-step how to incorporate the modality of past life regression into your own practice. Dr. Carole Carbone will demonstrate the powerful effects of past life experiences upon personal development and psychology by healing stress and trauma that originated in other lifetimes.

This can be a transforming experience for therapist and client alike What's included in your home study course? Your home study course includes five videos.  (Also available on DVD) In the first video, Dr. Carbone demonstrates the interview and screening process with your client. Actual demonstrations are shown with three different clients in personal sessions.

The next four videos take you on-site to certification programs held in different parts of the United States. You are right there with Dr. Carbone and her students! You experience what they experience! Complete and powerful!

In addition, you will receive an 80-page script book containing past life regressions suitable for a variety of issues. You also receive the Therapist’s Survival Book "When the Unexpected Happens" and your personal course study book.

You will be required to complete and forward the Final Examination located in the back of your course book. Complete information to ensure success in the final exam is covered in the course. A certificate will be awarded to those successfully completing the course, plus an opportunity to become part of the prestigious International Association of Past Life Therapists with membership Worldwide!

Register Today and all your materials will arrive via U.S. mail. You can start on your future immediately!

Tuition $395