Animal Communicator Certification



“The training was professional and effective. It was a significant and relevant learning experience."

- Erin Halliday

"Dr. Carbone, you are God-sent for your expertise in your field of hypnotherapy and past life regression therapy. I would heartily recommend this course to others."

- Heidi Malone

"Besides giving me the tools to work with my clients, I also learned a great deal about myself!"

- Dorothy Dawson

"Thank you so much! Having this information to study and review in my own home has been wonderful."

- Noreen Anderson


Animal Communicator Certification Program

We share this planet with our animal companions. They, as we have many moods. They, as we, at times, suffer depression, anger, jealousy. Other times, they experience exhilaration and tenderness and demonstrate incredible bravery and love.

This course will teach you how to reach deep into the soul of your animal companions, to understand their many moods and thoughts, to alleviate by that understanding undesirable behavior and to help others with a greater understanding of the depth of their animal companion's soul.

What’s included in your home study course?

Everything you will need to successfully help your clients understand their animal companions completely and to correct metaphysically the sometimes inappropriate behavior. Please note, this course is primarily limited to dogs, cats,, horses. You will receive 4 CDs with techniques to tune into completely  and communicate with the  soul of the animal companion.. You also will receive a comprehensive workbook with exercises to complete. Included also is a short video (DVD).

Certification will be dependent upon successful completion of the final examination.

What to expect upon completion

You should be able to work with your clients’ in accessing the root cause of the animal companion’s inappropriate behavior, including their depression You should be able to give your clients’ the healing tools to overcome the inappropriate behavior. Your client and his/her animal companion should be much happier in their daily life.

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Tuition $195